Several years ago the gift to create exceptional photographs had found me, which only can be given

birth to on the island of La Palma (one of the most beautiful islands of the Canary Islands,

which also gives it  the name of „La Isla Bonita“).

 All the photographs mostly are symbiotic, which means they are combinations of minerals, gemstones,

plants and other naturally grown bearers of energy. They represent „pure nature“, which means that.

I work without any additives like filters or likewise and my pictures are not at all processed or finished.


As the photographs are very impressive and each of it represents a

unique one which is outstanding I am naming it


You can obtain an impression of the power of energy and the expressiveness of my pictures

if you chose and look at some photos in the photogalery out of the huge pool. On the

energetic "flashes", how I call them, you will find and recognize structured forms

quite clearly as well as mystically touching and enchanting expressions of nature.

You can enrich with it your living environment and living space. Moreover, the

photographs are wonderfully adequate in waiting-areas of chambers,

doctor's offices, houses of birth, hospices and others, because they

merely catch the eye of the viewer, and depending on which

choice of the pictures had been made, will cause

calming or stimulating reactions.


For the normal use it has proved itself best the dimensions of

30 x 40 cm, drawn up on Dibond.


The brilliancy for the natural colors are shown to advantage excellently and they

are absolutely uncomplicated, very solid and compact in handling. For the

underground of course many other possibilities are existing.


Depending on the requirements, different other sizes can be chosen for the photos.

More information can be received on inquiry.



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